About Us

Doctors Republic, a MED MEDIA through which Healthcare Practitioners across the globe can connect; a forum, which through its various interactive interfaces, offers a unique knowledge exchange opportunity and an online hub , which offers turnkey solutions to some of the problems related to medical education and clinical practice.

Our world is changing at a breathtaking pace…metamorphosing beyond recognition as we speak Internet has ushered in a parallel universe. As most of us increasingly inhabit this virtual space, the need and benefits of staying connected in this world start becoming manifest. For professionals and perhaps most of all for HCPs, the benefits are varied and many. However, inspite of its obvious advantages, little effort has been made so far to make this parallel universe available to Healthcare Practitioners in India. This is where Doctors Republic breaks new ground.

Sharing, collaborating, learning

Doctors Republic is one big family of doctors. It is an online community that has the potential of rapidly transforming the way HCPs across the country interact and collaborate. This is where HCPs can connect with each other, renewing old ties and building new acquaintances. This is also where they share experiences and learnings. And this is where HCPs can collaborate on difficult cases, unleashing the power of their collective wisdom to improve patient care.

The Med Media revolution

Through a slew of features, Doctors Republic offers doctors a unique experience. Tools like Interactive Journal (I-Journal) and features like e-consult promise to revolutionize the online space for doctors. This puts Doctors Republic at the forefront of the Med Media revolution. In the days to come Med Media promises to be one of the shaping forces in the day-to-day practice of medicine.

Turnkey solutions

Doctors Republic offers many other interesting features, among them some at-hand solutions for HCPs. Guidance for events and presentations for CMEs goes hand in hand with Medico-legal advice on issues arising from the day-to-day practice of clinical medicine. Doctors Republic will also host webinars and other web-based events. To complete the picture it will provide information and advice on job related matters.

This is just a bird's eye view of what Doctors Republic has on offer. There is a range of other features and services. That Doctors Republic will offer useful services is obvious; that it will facilitate online exchange and collaboration between HCPs even more so but what is most obvious of all is that it represents an idea whose time has come

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